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Welcome to The Parent Hub Donegal!

The parent hub providing information & support to parents across Donegal.


Find all the information and advice to help you through your pregnancy.

Baby (0-5)

Here is where you will find information and advice to help you with your baby.

Children (6-12)

As your child continues to grow, you will notice new abilities that your child develops.

Teens (13-18)

Information for parents on supporting their teens into healthy adults.


Our aim is to inform parents with knowledge about parenting issues.

Family Life

All aspects of family life including child development, issues with schools etc.

Our Services

This site will provide information and contact details for a variety of family service organisations through out donegal. This part of the site is presented as a listings section and can be accessed by clicking on the Services menu or the button below.

  • Family Mediation
  • Dental Services by Location
  • Child and Family Mental Health
  • Support Groups
  • Plus Many Many More!
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20th August 2020
How anger affects your brain and body

We all feel anger sometimes but what is actually going on in our brain and...

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The information accessible through the Parent Hub Donegal Website has been compiled from many sources

The information is not all controlled by Donegal Children & Young People’s Services Committee. While all reasonable care has been taken in the compilation and publication of the contents of this website, Donegal Children & Young People’s Services Committee makes no representations or warranties, whether express or implied, as to the accuracy or suitability of the information or materials contained in this resource.

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Parenting24seven, an online resource offering evidence based key messages on what works best for children and families at different stages of childhood and in different situations

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