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The Parent Hub, Donegal was set up in 2013 by the Donegal Children’s Services Committee to look at Parent Support Needs in County Donegal. The Hub is made up of different Community and Statutory Services who are involved in supporting parents in Donegal at different levels, including Parentstop, Lifestart Services, Families Matter, Springboard, Family Resource Centers, the Teen Parenting Support Programme, Ante Natal Services, Public Health Nursing Service, Child and Family Agency and the Home School Liaison Service.

The Hub, through our experience in working in Parent / Family Support, has looked to identify the needs that exist in Donegal around Parenting Support and Education. One of the areas that came to the fore was the difficulty for parents in Donegal in accessing information about what services are there to support them and their families. It was, with this in mind, agreed that there was the need for a “One Stop Shop” online service to provide information to parents in Donegal where they could find out about services and get information and advice around parenting issues.

The Hub also promotes the accessibility of Parenting Programmes to all parents in Donegal. High quality group programmes can provide parents with helpful advice and guidance around different strategies to aid them through what sometimes can be a challenging time in their lives. Parents who have attended programmes in the past often highlight the support they have felt from talking with other parents in the group and we believe that this support should be available no matter where you live in Donegal. We have launched a Parent Support Initiative which involves training facilitators throughout the county to deliver a variety of evidenced based / evidenced informed programmes in the coming years. These programmes will be held in the community and will be advertised through this site as well as at local level.

Parenting is an extremely rewarding role, however we know that for us all, there are times when we will be challenged as parents. We hope through the website and by increasing access to programmes at local level, we can help parents secure the supports they need when faced with these challenges.