Baby (0-5)

A child’s development includes both physical and emotional stages.

We frequently concentrate on the stages of our child’s physical development and have little insight or understanding about the importance of our child’s emotional development. Understanding the stages of your child’s emotional development will help you to make sense of your child’s behaviour. It will help you to think about and acknowledge how your child might be feeling at a particular time and enable you to help him/her to work through what has been experienced. It is important to remember that each child develops in his/her own unique way depending on personality and at different rates from each other.


Your baby/toddler is growing and developing faster than they ever will in the future so their nutritional needs are really important.

Thinking about breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding – the early days

Breastmilk is amazing!

Weaning – starting your baby on solid foods

Here is a handy infographic poster with some tips on weaning and what works best as your baby grows. Just click

Find out more about weaning at

Helping your child to eat healthily


Do you know what to expect when it comes to your children and sleep? Have you heard of ‘Sleep Hygiene’ – how to create a good environment for getting to sleep? Have you thought about setting limits at bed time? And what about when they go to sleep but regularly wake through the night? Just click the link for great information and ideas to help you and your children get the sleep you need:-


Do you want to understand your baby’s development and how you can support it? Read on:-

Your baby’s developmental milestones –

Speech and language development

Activities to encourage language development and communication

The importance of tummy time

Screen time and the impact on your child’s development

Dummies and speech

Some advice for parents on toilet training


Keeping our children safe from accidental harm is important. Here are some suggestions which you may find helpful:-

Tips from the HSE website on ways to keep your baby/toddler safe

Here is a useful safety checklist


Attachment is the relationship between a baby and its primary caregiver – usually the mum or dad. This relationship is the basis of a child’s social, emotional and cognitive development. Good attachment helps a baby to feel secure, build strong relationships in the future and develop independence. Here are some useful short articles about attachment.

Using positive parenting skills, we can help our children to behave in a positive way

What should we expect when?

Promoting positive behaviour in the strong minded toddler

Encouraging positive behaviour

Key messages for promoting positive behaviour


Routines can help us be more organised and feel more secure.


Well being is important for all of us. How can we encourage well being in our children and look after our own well-being?

Being active is good for all of us, whatever age we are

Parenting can be both wonderful and challenging. Here are a few tips for those days when it feels like a struggle

What is post-natal depression and what can you do about it

Anxiety can be a reality for many parents. Check out this piece by Sarah Barr from New Beginnings

Self-esteem is important for all of us. Here are some tips for how to encourage good self-esteem in our children

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