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A child’s development includes both physical and emotional stages. We frequently concentrate on the stages of our child’s physical development and have little insight or understanding about the importance of our child’s emotional development. Understanding the stages of your child’s emotional development will help you to make sense of your child’s behaviour. It will help you to think about and acknowledge how your child might be feeling at a particular time and enable you to help him/her to work through what has been experienced. It is important to remember that each child develops in his/her own unique way depending on personality and at different rates from each other.

Behavioural Sleep Difficulties in Children

by Denise Gillespie ANP (Donegal) & Sinéad Lawlor PHN (Kildare/West Wicklow)


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  • Four pillars of good sleep
  • Promote sleep
  • Things to avoid
  • Parents need sleep also
  • Children need sleep
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