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Day: 16th September 2019

16 Sep, 2019

Fifty Key Messages – build your social network

Starting a Parent, Baby and Toddler group 1 Decide on how the group is to be organised This can be as simple as deciding whether one person or a committee takes on the task of organising the group. The major advantage of a committee is that by sharing the work no one person is left to do it all […]

16 Sep, 2019

50 Key Messages – Top six ways to be a positive parent

From the Tusla parenting 24 seven website Top six ways to be a positive parent CRISPS CRISPS is an activity from the Lifestart Foundation Spirals Programme, see www.lifestartfoundation.org C. Be Consistent and avoid idle threats Follow through on what you say and don’t change the ‘rules’ from day to day. Make sure all the people who […]