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Day: 11th May 2020

11 May, 2020

How to build a happy baby

Here’s another very interesting piece from Dr Malie Coyne from NUI Galway. It was posted a while back on the RTÉ website but it remains very relevant today. How to build a happy baby Updated / Monday, 19 Aug 2019 13:15 “Positive infant mental health is synonymous with a child’s ability to form secure relationships” By Dr […]

11 May, 2020

Making the most of family time

Families are probably spending more time together during this pandemic than we ever have before. How do we make the best of that time together and build positive memories for ourselves and for our children? Chloe McGinty who is a Family Support Worker with Springboard Family Support Project offers some ideas in the booklet ‘Parenting […]

11 May, 2020

Why ‘good enough’ parenting is good enough during the lockdown

As parents we are so inclined to put ourselves under pressure. Under present circumstances, when we are trying to be all things to our children – parent, teacher, friend, entertainer etc – that can be even more stressful. Here is a very good article from the RTÉ website which may be useful. Why ‘good enough’ […]

11 May, 2020

Pressing the pause button

  In this extract from Parenting through Covid-19 – helpful hints to keep home life happy Sally Mooney from the Finn Valley Family Resource Centre talks about ‘ pressing the pause button’ – a technique that many parents find incredibly useful. Parenting through Covid-19 – helpful hints to keep home life happy is produced by […]