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Day: 13th May 2020

13 May, 2020

How families can cope with pandemic stress

Here is an interesting article from the University of Alberta in Canada How families can cope with pandemic stress We can’t control our negative thoughts and feelings, but we can choose how we respond to them, says U of A expert. Acknowledging feelings, being empathetic with each other and being honest with children are key […]

13 May, 2020

Do you need to talk to someone? Donegal Parent Support Line launching on Thursday 14 May

A new free Parent Support Line will be available to parents in Donegal from Thursday 14 May. The Donegal Parent Support line is being co-ordinated by the Donegal Family Resource Centre Network in association with a wide range of community and voluntary organisations involved in family support. The service will be available from Monday to […]

13 May, 2020

When the school year disappears – children dealing with loss

The world has changed utterly – or at least that is how it feels. Our children are experiencing the same sense of upheaval. For children who were due to move on from nursery, primary or secondary school this year the sense of loss may be even greater. Normally there would have been some process to […]

13 May, 2020

Maintaining family wellbeing during the Covid 19 lockdown

Looking after our family wellbeing is a priority at this time. Here is some good advice from John Sharry, one of the founders of the Parents Plus parenting programmes. Maintaining family wellbeing during the Covid-19 lockdown Prof John Sharry, Parents Plus With colleges, schools and childcare centres closed in most areas, the Covid-19 crises has […]