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Day: 17th June 2020

17 Jun, 2020

Resources for parents to support their child’s learning and development

Support Materials for Parents Parents are the most important people in their children’s early lives. The National Council for Curriculum and Assessment has produced a number of resources that contain lots of ideas, suggestions and practical examples of how parents can support their children’s learning and development in the early years. These resources are available […]

17 Jun, 2020

Children’s nightmares and night terrors

Some parents have noticed that their children are having more nightmares or night terrors at the moment. There is no doubt that there have been increased levels of stress during the recent months with the Coronavirus Pandemic which may be having an effect on sleep routines. Here is a piece from the MyChild.ie website about […]

17 Jun, 2020

Your child’s sleep needs at 6 months to 2 years

Sleep can be a challenging issue for many parents. If you need some support on sleep issues with your child please contact your Public Health Nurse who has been specially trained. You can find contact details for your PHN on the Parent Hub Donegal Services page by clicking this link https://parenthubdonegal.ie/services/job-listings/?search_keywords=public+health+nurse&search_region=0&search_categories%5B%5D=147      Put in […]

17 Jun, 2020

Baby’s sleep needs 0 – 3 months

The website MyChild.ie is a great source of information about all aspects of your child’s well being and development. Here is what they say about sleep in those early months. Newborn baby’s sleep needs at 0 to 3 months Newborn babies spend most of their time asleep. They haven’t yet developed a set sleep pattern. […]