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Day: 4th August 2020

4 Aug, 2020

Recovery from Coronavirus

Here is some useful information from the HSE.ie website about recovery from Coronavirus. You can find up to date information on Coronavirus here https://www2.hse.ie/coronavirus/ Recovering after Coronavirus It’s common to have health symptoms or side effects after having coronavirus (COVID-19). Some people have physical problems such as extreme tiredness (fatigue) or muscle pain. Others can experience […]

4 Aug, 2020

Expecting a baby? Online Parent Education Resources

These resources were developed by the Rotunda Hospital as a refresher for parents who had already attended their antenatal classes. You may find some very useful information here about: What to expect Labour and birth Infant feeding Baby care and going home Physiotherapyour GP Just click the link https://rotunda.ie/parent-education/resources/ If you have any concerns or need […]