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Day: 11th August 2020

11 Aug, 2020

Raising a psychologically healthy teenager

We are all aware that the teenage years can be challenging. Here are some great tips from the Kidspot website about how we can help our teenagers develop the skills and strengths they need to support good mental health. Raising a psychologically healthy teenager There is a strange self-esteem paradox: If you need it (self-esteem), […]

11 Aug, 2020

5 main reasons that toddlers cry (that actually make sense)

Here is another good piece from the Playgroup NSW website. This time they are looking at why children cry. Ever feel like your child just. Won’t. Stop. CRYING? You’re far from alone – but getting to understand the science behind the tears can help you both get through the wailing unscathed.  (This content was provided […]

11 Aug, 2020

Let’s get creative and help our children find their passion!

Here is another good piece from the Kidspot website, this time looking at how we can help our children release their creativity and find their passion! 6 Ways to Unleash Your Child’s Creativity Having children is something most of us look forward to. While having a child will change your life forever, it will also […]

11 Aug, 2020

Is your daughter entering puberty earlier than you would have expected?

Precocious puberty in girls It can be very difficult when a young girl hits puberty early. Especially when all her classmates, and indeed she, still seem just like little girls. If your daughter starts puberty early, she will need a lot of help, guidance and support from you. As well as dealing with a changing […]

11 Aug, 2020

Cuidiú breastfeeding support is still available

Due to Covid 19 all face-to-face Cuidiú Breastfeeding Support groups are suspended until further notice. Here’s the most up to date list of Breastfeeding Counsellors in the North West region available for phone and text support. Anyone is welcome to use this service. Whether you just have a few simple questions, or if you need […]