Become a Hero For Autistic Children – For Parents and Families

Click here to register. Workshop with Jude Morrow February 2nd from 1-4pm. The workshop has been set up to respond to the needs of families in Donegal, particularly when they are given a diagnosis and often do not know where to turn.

About this event

Every Parent enters the Autism journey filled with fear. Most are funneled into “Autism Awareness” training that only seeks to highlight outdated and negative stereotypes. Training that only teaches parents what the impact of autism is on professionals from an outside view. It is time for something completely different…

This motivational workshop will benefit parents of autistic children, no matter what stage of the journey they are on – from awaiting diagnosis, teenage years and adulthood. Not only is this course for parents, children and young people are encouraged to look on as Jude Morrow provides his incredible story of being an autistic child in a mainstream school lacking confidence, to growing up to be a social worker and ambassador for autistic people all over the world.

This Course Covers

  • Incorrect Use of Language and Symbols
  • Telling children/siblings about autism
  • Why Neurodiversity is the future.
  • What autistic people ACTUALLY struggle with – not what professionals THINK are the largest struggles of the autistic community.
  • Live Q&A With Jude Morrow

This training will be via ZOOM webinar – so no need to have your camera or microphone on. All audience participation is via the chat box and Q&A Sections.


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