Creating a Good Life – workshop for parents/guardian of children with disabilities aged 6-12 years


About Leap

Leap is a family-led, non-profit organisation that works on behalf of children and adults with developmental disabilities and their families. We work with families, their supporters and allies, people with disabilities, service providers and others.

We focus our efforts on increasing expectations of what is possible in the lives of people with disabilities. We support families to build a vision of a good life and focus on relationships, belonging and socially valued roles for their family member with a disability.
As a result of funding from the HSE Social Care Division we are now able to offer workshops to all CHO Areas. 

Creating a Good Life Workshop 10am-4pm

A workshop has been arranged for Donegal on September 26th from 10am to 4pm in HSE Early Intervention Services, Dr Scally Place Justice Walsh Road, Letterkenny, for parents of children with a disability aged 6-12 years.

Places for the workshop are limited and will be offered based on a first response basis.

If you wish to attend a workshop please contact: Anita Gallagher,, phone:0877655592

This workshop is for parents of children with a disability aged 6-12.  Topics covered:

  • Getting clear on what you want
  • Having high expectations of your son/daughter
  • Believing in the natural authority of families
  • Thinking about valued roles
  • Investing in a life in community
  • Self-Directed Living
  • Individual Lifestyle Development
  • Connecting with others – building allies

This workshop will help families to be clearer on how to move deliberately in the direction of their dreams. We will share practical examples of how to break down steps for planning a good life – whether the goal is inclusion in your school, community or local groups or pursuing interests, gifts and talents.

What people have said about this workshop: “Today was fantastic – the most enjoyable workshop in years.  Both of you made it so very practical.”

 “Thought provoking.  Should be mandatory training for families and professionals.”

“Thank you for today, my husband and I feel that we have gained so much from the workshop that we can use going forward. It was so worth the journey.”     

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