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Fifty Key Messages – Safety First teenagers and social media

15 Oct, 2019

Fifty Key Messages – Safety First teenagers and social media

Communication is the key:

Keep the channels of communication open with your teenager at all times. Ultimately you want them to be able to come to you with any issues or concerns that they might have, whether it be in relation to friendships, social media, sexual health or other areas.

Talk to your older children about using social media. The following are some things that you could discuss together:

Help guide them through a do and don’t list

  • Only accept ‘friend requests’ from people they know,
  • Block or ‘unfriend’ people who are not being friendly and respectful,
  • Be careful about the posting comments and uploading photos,
  • Report abuse,
  • Be cautious about identity, because not everyone online is who they say they are,
  • Keep privacy settings up to date on social networking sites,
  • Keep passwords and log-in details private and secret from friends,
  • Remember to log out after using public computers, such as at a library or cafe.


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