Good advice if you are feeling under the weather

Under the Weather

Learning how to manage everyday illnesses with confidence and common sense is a great life skill. Whether you are dealing with a cold, flu, tummy bug or other minor complaint, you can trust the advice on this website. It comes from doctors and pharmacists in Ireland. was developed by the HSE (Ireland’s Health Service Executive).

Check out our topics:

COLD – Colds are caused by a virus. Find out what will help you to get better and how long it will take.

COUGH – A cough often follows a cold and can last for up to three weeks. Anything longer and you should see your doctor.

EARS – Earaches and ear infections can be painful, but most don’t need an antibiotic – just pain relief and time.

FLU – Often confused with a cold. Learn the difference between a cold and the flu and how to take care of someone with flu.

RASH – Usually caused by an allergy or infection. Here’s when to see the Doctor.

TEMPERATURE – Always a worry, particularly in a baby or young child.Here’s what to do.

THROAT – A sore throat will normally clear up by itself within about a week.

TUMMY – How to get through a bout of vomiting, diarrhoea, or both.

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