Health & Wellbeing Information Pack – Coping with COVID-19 Isolation Collated By Donegal Local Development CLG – April 2020

DLDC – Donegal Local Development Company – have pulled lots of useful information and links together in this handy booklet available to download here DLDC Health Wellbeing Information Pack April 2020

At the moment we are all stuck at home self-isolating or in confinement, many of us are away from our families and definitely away from our friends which can be particularly hard mentally. Children are home from school and they also need activities to help them cope with what must be a very bewildering time for them.
To get us through this stressful, boring and worrying time a wide range of agencies and individuals have put together some excellent videos covering cookery, food & nutrition advice, exercise programmes for all ages mental wellbeing and general advice on how to cope during the COVID-19 pandemic.
DLDC has put together this pack to try and help you navigate through some of these wonderful resources.
Areas covered in the booklet include
1. Mental Wellbeing
1.1 Parents/ Families
1.2 Women
1.3 General
2. Exercise & Fitness
2.1 Children & Youth
2.2 General Age Groups
2.3 Older People
3. Cookery & Nutrition
3.1 Kids
3.2 General Age Groups
4. General Information
4.1 Training
4.2 Supports
4.3 Farming
4.4 DLDC Support Team
4.5 Donegal County Council Helpline

Just click on the link to access the booklet which has all the information and live links DLDC Health Wellbeing Information Pack April 2020



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