How is your Make One Change challenge going?


We asked some parents how their Make One Change challenge was going. This is what Sarah told us:-

Here are some pics of our #gettingoutnomatterwhat adventures. We love getting out for walks and the fresh air does us all the world of good. Great for mind and body. We had changed it up for a bit there and started to do more mindfulness activities in the house but we are getting back to the outdoors again cause we miss our walks and adventures. Every day we imagined something different, dinosaur trails, jungle trails, the 3 bears cottage, fishing in the lake etc. I have loads of other pics too, we’ve had soo much fun. My boys are 3, 2 and 5 months so as u can imagine the outdoors does us all great. I started this on 6th Jan and no matter what the weather was we got out and at weekends we took my hubby – it was so nice to involve the whole family and be active together. Sarah

And another dad, Paddy, tells us, “All is going well with making one small change in our household.  The Friday night ‘games night’ is going well with each of us taking a turn in choosing the game each week.  The Sunday walk started off great with beach walks but with the bad weather didn’t happen for a few weeks but we are back on board with coastal and forest walks locally.”

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