It’s good to get together!

Parents need to have good social networks. This is a key message from the Parenting24Seven website

Any of us who have parented young children – and indeed older children – know that we need a group of friends who understand our world, who share our experiences

As parents we can sometimes feel isolated and when that happens ordinary, everyday issues can feel more overwhelming. When we have regular contact with others it helps us to talk about what is going on in life – the good things and the challenging bits! We all need to have a laugh, put things in perspective, share the wisdom that parenting brings us!

The Doula Dee group, some of whom are pictured above, meets in Letterkenny Town Park every Monday at 10am for a walk and a chat. It is informal. You don’t have to register or commit to being there every week and it is a great way to meet other parents. Another group Play Dates LK, ,which you can find on Facebook, offers opportunities to meet up in the Letterkenny Area. In the summer most Parent & Toddler groups take a break so it is great to have other events and activities happening.

What else is happening in the County? Contact us, let us know and we will share the information on the website and Facebook page for others.If there is nothing happening in your area why not be the one to start it! You don’t need to have a formal structure. It might just be meeting somewhere to go for a walk, or in a park where children can play. It is good to get together – good for the children and good for us as parents!

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