Join the Youthscape Programme this July

Youthscape is a 34 week programme which consists of: 6 weeks initial engagement during which the participants will meet with their key youth worker for 1 hour a week to get to know each other.

This is followed by the 16 week delivery phase, which starts on 22nd July 2019.  During this phase the participants will gain an OCN level 1 in Personal Development, Citizenship and Good Relations.

Following on from this is the Transition Mentoring phase, which runs for 12 weeks.  This phase involves workshops from guest speakers, some of which will include – LGBTQ+, alcohol/drug awareness, causes and preventative measures for criminal offending, internet safety and many others.  They will also receive one to one support to help them move onto whichever avenue they wish to pursue, as well as help in building their confidence and self esteem.

Interested? See the contact details on the poster.


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