Let’s get creative and help our children find their passion!

Here is another good piece from the Kidspot website, this time looking at how we can help our children release their creativity and find their passion!

creativity6 Ways to Unleash Your Child’s Creativity

Having children is something most of us look forward to. While having a child will change your life forever, it will also allow you to nurture and love another human being like never before. One of the rewarding things about having kids is fostering their creativity.

A number of studies have been conducted that show having interactive and caring relationships with adults is paramount to a child’s development. New Zealand is home to over 1.1 million children so there are tonnes of privatised and community-run programs designed to keep children active and creative.

In some instances, your child will require a bit of guidance when it comes to choosing something they are passionate about. The following are some of the things you can do to unleash your child’s creativity.

1. Make reading a staple in your home

As most experienced parents will tell you, leading by example is a must when trying to provide a good influence for your child. Often times, a child will mimic what their parent does. When trying to help a child unlock their inner creativity, teaching them to love reading is a great idea.

Putting literary classics and modern books in their hands as much as possible is vital when trying to get them off electronics and into the world of imagination. Doing things like taking your child for weekly trips to the library can be a lot of fun.

New Zealand’s National Library Services to Schools has a Reading Together program. The main purpose of this program is to teach parents how to foster a love of reading in their child. This program provides 75-minute workshops that teach parents simple strategies regarding how to make reading time fun for their child.

2. Let your child get bit by the acting bug

Does your child love all things move and television related? Have you noticed them mimicking their favorite characters in the shows or movies they watch? If so, you may have a natural-born actor on your hands.

Acting allows both adults and children to enter a world of make believe and wonder. In most areas, there are drama classes or workshops for kids. Signing your child up for one of these can help them hone their acting skills.

There may come a time when your little guy or girl wants to go and audition for a role in a movie or television show. Helping them to prepare for these on-camera auditions is important. Reading lines with them and giving them support can do wonders for their confidence and creativity. Even if they don’t get the part, auditioning is a great learning experience.

creativity3. Sports can bring out your child’s inner champion

Some parents fail to realise just how beneficial team sports can be for their children. Not only will participating in sports help your child stay physically healthy, it can be good for their mental well-being as well. If you notice your child is a bit withdrawn and shy, allowing them to play on a team with people their own age is a good idea.

Often times, this exposure to being on a team will help a child make friends. Usually, you will have to try a few different sports before finding the right fit for your little one. Allowing your child to participate in the creation of custom sports uniforms is a great way to ramp up the creativity involved in this activity.

Children in New Zealand are offered a wide range of sports to participate in. Sports like tennis, cycling and touch rugby are very popular for school-aged children. You can check out this Active Movement guide to find out more about how to get your child interested in sports.

4. Encourage creative writing

The key things a person needs to be a great writer is loads of creativity and encouragement from those around them. If your child starts to show an interest in writing short stories, you want to do all you can to foster this creativity. Enrolling your child in creative writing courses or workshops is a great idea.

Courses and workshops are taught by professionals for the most part. This means your child will be able to get help with how to structure their stories and make them more appealing. These professionals will also give tips on how to avoid common spelling and grammatical mistakes as well.

Giving this type of encouragement at a young age is a great way to put your child on the right path. While they may not grow up to be Harper Lee or Stephen King, they will always remember the love and care you provided them in their formative years.

5. The power of music

If you aren’t scared of a bit of noise, allowing your child to learn to play an instrument is a good idea. Instead of forcing an instrument on your child, you need to let them make this decision.

There are also a variety of online resources available to kids who want to learn instruments like bass or guitar. Learning how to play an instrument will teach your child how to be patient and persistent. Both of these characteristics can serve them well later in life. The money you invest in instruments and lessons for your child will definitely pay off in the long run.

creativity6. Creating art can be a lot of fun

Most kids love participating in activities like finger-painting and coloring. If your child shows an interest in creating art, investing in supplies like paint, canvases and charcoal pencils is rewarding.

There are some mental health professionals who prescribe art projects to children with hyperactivity issues. The reason for this is that these activities tend to require a lot of focus. If a child is heavily focused on completing a painting, they will be less likely to be distracted.

Encouragement is key

As you can see, there are a variety of ways for children to be creative. The main objective you should have is to encourage your child regardless of what activities they want to participate in. By providing this encouragement and unconditional love, you can raise a child that is well-adjusted and motivated.

What creative pursuits do your children enjoy? How have you helped them to explore their creativity?

This article was reproduced from the Kidspot website https://kidspot.co.nz/school-age/6-ways-to-unleash-your-childs-creativity/ You can find lots of interesting article and tips about all aspects of parenting on their website.

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