Number Fun!

What’s the number of the day?

Here’s a fun way to introduce the idea that numbers stand for a quantity. It can be an introduction to numbers for young children and a practice session for older learners.

To start, pick a number for the day. Let’s say it’s three. So, for today, look for the number three in headlines, books, articles, signs, and so on. Point these out to your child and tell her, “There’s a three.” If you’re getting ready to eat cookies or grapes, count out three and say, “Here are three grapes: one, two, three.”

During the time you’re together, look for natural places where the number will occur: three buttons on a sweater, three birds sitting on a wire, three fingers, three people at a bus stop. Point out groups of three wherever you see them.

Don’t expect perfection and don’t hold a quiz at the end of the day. Just enjoy this little game of counting, looking, listening, and matching, wherever you are. In a few days, pick another number and start over. It’s the way kids learn.

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