Parenting adolescents with an intellectual disability

Parents Plus is developing a parenting programme for those parenting adolescents with intellectual disabilities.
This programme is going to be piloted in Letterkenny by Gina Grant (Donegal Down Syndrome) and Marina Boyle (Child and Adolescent Counsellor). It will run on Wednesday mornings 10:30 – 1 in the offices of Donegal Down Syndrome from Wednesday 9th  October until Wednesday 27th November with a break for half term.
Topics covered will include:
The transition from adolescent to adulthood
● Social skills and friendships
● Challenging behaviour
● Puberty and sexual development
● Parental and family self-care
● Emotional challenges and grief
The goals of the programme for parents are:
● Understanding the journey of parenting a child with special needs
● Advocating for children and preparing for future transitions
● Managing parental stress and self-care
● Supporting siblings (brothers and sisters) and family relationships
● Supporting fathers and mothers and their relationships with each other
● Establishing good family routines
● Managing problem behaviours
The goals of the programme for young people are:
● Supporting children in having good social outlets and appropriate
● Helping young adults to find meaningful work or participation in society,
according to their ability
● Building self-esteem, independence and the ability to prepare for the
● Supporting children’s education and development
● Dealing with relationships and sexuality
Each session will cover three topics:
  • Supporting Families
  • Supporting children/young people
  • Parent self-care
If you are parenting a young person (11 – young adulthood) who has an intellectual disability and you are interested in attending this parenting programme please click the link and register. 
Places are limited on this programme.

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