Parenting the strong willed child

All of us as parents (and I mean all) need encouragement and support from time to time.

Parenting the strong willed child

Starting Monday 23rd October 9.45 – 12 noon in the St Johnston and Carrigans Family Resource Centre. Phone 074 9148551 to book a place.

The aim of the programme is to provide straightforward suggestions of things to do. It is not intended to answer questions as to why a particular child might act in a particular way at a particular time. Truth is, no one may ever know for sure. The reassuring part about that is that we don’t need to know why in order to do something constructive.

These methods have been tried and tested and seem to work in most cases. They will require some consistent practice for short periods of time (mostly ten minutes in any one day) and follow a logical order. They are designed to be achievable within the busy lifestyles of most parents today.

 The five week programme for dealing with strong willed behaviour consists of five parenting skills to be learned one at a time. The skills build on one another, so it is important to master the first skill before moving on to the next one. Mastering a skill involves more than simply understanding the skill and knowing what to do; you must actually practice using the skill on a daily basis. This is why you learn one skill each week. Once you have mastered the first skill you move on to the next skill, however you do not move on to the next skill until you have mastered the first skill, this is the strength of the programme and it involves actual behaviour change in both the parent and the child.

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