Parents Plus Children’s programme in Raphoe

The Parents Plus Children’s Programme, for parents of children aged between 6 – 11 years, will be delivered in Springboard Family Support Project Raphoe from Monday 29th January from 10:00am – 12:00pm. This programme is free to attend and the Parent’s Manual costs only €10.
To book you can either contact Springboard on 074 – 9173918 or  Raphoe Family Resource centre on 074 – 9145796.
Facilitators: Celine Bradley and Laura Doran. The course will be co – facilitated by Raphoe Family Resource centre and springboard Family Support Project.
Targeting the needs of primary school children, the Parents Plus Children’s Programme shows parents how to communicate positively with children, illustrating ways to encourage good social skills as well as well-researched methods to tackle behaviour problems. The programme includes DVD footage which illustrates ideas and techniques and includes interviews with parents. The aim of the course is to help parents not only solve discipline and other childhood problems, but also for parents to develop closer and more satisfying relationships with their children.
Topics include:-
Solving Childhood problems
Play and special time with children
Building children’s self-esteem and confidence
Encouraging children’s learning/supporting homework
Setting rules and helping children keep them
Establishing daily routines
Managing misbehaviour using consequences and sanctions
Problem solving/talking problems through with children.

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