Supporting people with autism and their families in Inishowen

What is iCARE Limited?

iCARE Ltd exists to support all parents of persons with autism from Inishowen irrespective of age, by promoting on a local level, improved treatment, education, welfare and acceptance for our children. In the initial years the organisation focused on training and education needs with significant success. One of the key achievements of iCARE Ltd is the establishment of the iCARE Centre located in Buncrana County Donegal in 2007 and the purchase of the land that we are based on in 2013.
Why do we exist?

iCARE was set up in September 2000 by like minded parents from Inishowen who realised that there was a need for a local charity organisation to represent the views of all parents of persons with autism. We provide support, training, information and respite to families.

What do we do?

The organisation prides itself on its person-centred approaches. Throughout our organisation we consider it vital that we get to know the person with an autism spectrum condition, and also understand how their autism impacts on their life. We feel that every person with autism is unique, and that their autism impacts on them uniquely. provide support, training, information and respite to families. At iCARE Ltd we believe that all should have access to our services, regardless of social background. At iCARE Ltd we understand that undergoing the process of getting a diagnosis for child can be a very difficult time. So, whether you have recently had a diagnosis, are undergoing the process or if your child was diagnosed some time ago, you are still more than welcome to attend our parent support groups. Our centre operates 7 days per week, providing after school weekly respite sessions to those families in need, we have an after school club for children with autism and non-disabled children. We operate school holiday programmes for children with autism and their families.

We have a youth club for autism for young people aged 11+.

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