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11 Aug, 2020

Is your daughter entering puberty earlier than you would have expected?

Precocious puberty in girls It can be very difficult when a young girl hits puberty early. Especially when all her classmates, and indeed she, still seem just like little girls. If your daughter starts puberty early, she will need a lot of help, guidance and support from you. As well as dealing with a changing […]

21 Apr, 2020

A handy craft activity to build positive thinking

Sometimes when we face a challenge we just need to think about it in a different way. Mindset Finders are a fun way to help you change your perspective on challenges that we all face. How to use your Mindset Finder 1.Either by yourself or with a friend, choose a Mindset Finder from the patterns […]

26 Apr, 2018

What is Jigsaw Donegal?

Jigsaw Donegal provides a free and confidential support service for young people aged 15 – 25, with our centre based at Pearse Road in Letterkenny. Just click the link to find out more: – https://www.jigsaw.ie/jigsaw_donegal/ Jigsaw Donegal aims to make sure that young people’s voices are heard, and that they get the right support, where […]

8 Mar, 2018

Having the confidence to speak up

Are you a young person, or parent of a young person, who struggles with having confidence to speak in public? Just click the link to see what Donegal Youth Service can do to help:- http://donegalyouthservice.ie/improve-your-confidence-and-have-your-voice-heard-with-our-yic-talks-group/