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18 Jun, 2020

The importance – and the benefits – of breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is important for you and your baby. Your breast milk protects your baby against lots of illnesses and conditions. It’s designed to meet your baby’s every need. This article comes from the MyChild.ie website where you can find lots more information about breastfeeding as well as information on all aspects of your child’s health, […]

18 Jun, 2020

Little benefit in ‘Hungry Baby’ and ‘Follow-on’ formula milks

If you are a first-time mum you may have some questions about feeding your baby particularly if you have decided to use formula milk. Here is some advice from the MyChild.ie website.   Breast milk is the best and most natural food for your baby. Your body makes breast milk that is unique for your […]

18 Jun, 2019

Breastmilk is amazing!

  The Science of Human Milk is pretty fantastic. There are hundreds of substances in Human Milk that feed our babies while helping them be healthy and grow optimally. In this article, to stimulate your interest, I am going to write about 4 wonderful components and then give you a link for you to find […]

18 Jun, 2019

Breastfeeding – the early days

Breastfeeding is normal. It’s normal like walking, rather than like breathing. Don’t get anxious if it takes you and your baby a few days to figure this breastfeeding out and make it work for you. In the last weeks of pregnancy your breasts already be making colostrum – the concentrated first milk. Once your baby […]

18 Jun, 2019

Thinking about breastfeeding?

As a parent you will make so many decisions that will impact on you and your child’s life – many of which may seem overwhelming but gathering as much information as possible will enable you to make informed choices.   One of the very first decisions you will make in relation to your baby’s wellbeing […]