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19 Aug, 2020

Understanding and Recognising Dyspraxia

The Donegal Dyspraxia Support Group is doing great work raising awareness of dyspraxia and you can find them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Donegal-Dyspraxia-Support-Group Here is some information taken from the dyspraxia.ie website which explains what dyspraxia is and how it may impact on your child. You can find more information at http://dyspraxia.ie/ Child and Adult Dyspraxia/DCD Child and […]

18 Aug, 2020

Teaching Good Behaviour

Sometimes we can be frustrated with our child’s behaviour, wondering why they can’t do what we expect them to do. Here in this extract from the Parents Plus Early Years Parenting Programme the authors John Sharry, Grainne Hampson and Mary Fanning help us to see that maybe our children aren’t actually misbehaving, they just haven’t […]

17 Aug, 2020

The Evolution of Parenting: Five Biggest Challenges Faced by Parents Today

Parenting can be challenging and this article from the Toddlers Den website looks at what some of those challenges are in the 21st century. Find the link to the original article below The Evolution of Parenting: Five Biggest Challenges Faced by Parents Today Believe it or not, good parenting, parenting styles and general child care […]

14 Aug, 2020

Executive Functioning Skills: Important Child Development Skills

You may have heard of Executive Functioning Skills. Well here is a piece that explains what they are, why they matter and how you can support your child’s development of these important skills. The original article can be downloaded here https://iraparenting.com/school-ready/executive-functioning-skills-child-development/   Executive Functioning Skills: Important Child Development Skills Many parents might have heard about a […]

12 Aug, 2020

Social and Emotional Skills: What to expect at different ages

This article from the Understood.org website explores when our children develop social and emotional skills. Understood.org is committed to supporting families and educators of children who learn and think differently as well as supporting young adults themselves. You can find out more at https://www.understood.org/pages/en/families/?_sp=e3deb9a7-0860-4a28-87dd-c42e2eed4e99.1597228695119 Social and Emotional Skills: What to expect at different ages When do […]

11 Aug, 2020

5 main reasons that toddlers cry (that actually make sense)

Here is another good piece from the Playgroup NSW website. This time they are looking at why children cry. Ever feel like your child just. Won’t. Stop. CRYING? You’re far from alone – but getting to understand the science behind the tears can help you both get through the wailing unscathed.  (This content was provided […]

11 Aug, 2020

Let’s get creative and help our children find their passion!

Here is another good piece from the Kidspot website, this time looking at how we can help our children release their creativity and find their passion! 6 Ways to Unleash Your Child’s Creativity Having children is something most of us look forward to. While having a child will change your life forever, it will also […]

10 Aug, 2020

Temperament: what it is and why it matters

Your baby’s temperament usually becomes clear fairly early on and it can be challenging to realise that you are parenting a little person whose temperament may be different to your own. Here are some great tips from the Playgroup NSW website about different temperaments and how to parent them. (This content was provided for the […]

10 Aug, 2020

Why singing to our babies and toddlers is so important

Here are some reasons why singing to your baby or toddler is so good for them. The Importance Of Music In The Development Of Toddlers Playgroup NSW Categories: Development Very early in their life, children will start to identify rhythm and even move to the beats of music. After all, music is meant to touch our […]