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22 Jun, 2020

Helping to keep children safe from harm – new Gov.ie website launched

A new website has been launched to help support vulnerable children, young people and their families during this time of the Covid 19 pandemic. Here is the press release from the launch by Minister Katherine Zappone Campaign encourages everyone to be mindful of vulnerable children and young people in these challenging times Supporting Children is […]

30 Sep, 2019

Fifty Key Messages – How to teach my child about Stranger Danger

Q. In our area there was a concern that a strange man was approaching and talking to children at a local playground. The report was that he was trying to lure them away from the playground. The police were called and, though there was no one arrested they issued a general warning that we should all […]

28 Sep, 2019

Fifty Key Messages – Tips for your child on the internet

(From Tusla’s parenting24seven website) You can help your child get the benefits of using the internet while avoiding some of the risks. Here are some guidelines for keeping your child safe on the internet: Be informed and ‘net-savvy’ The best safeguard against online dangers is being informed and familiar with the internet. Often children know […]

27 Sep, 2019

Fifty Key Messages – Is your child affected by bullying?

(From Tusla’s parenting24seven website – link below) Bullying is the repeated abuse of a child by one or several other children or adults. Incidences of bullying need to be taken very seriously. Your child will need lots of support if they are being bullied or if they have been accused of bullying themselves. 1. Look […]

20 Sep, 2019

50 Key Messages Staying safe at home for 0 – 5 year olds

Staying safe at home Taken from the Tusla Parenting24Seven website https://www.tusla.ie/parenting-24-seven/0-5years/ Things you can do to keep your child safe: Childproof your home. This is especially important when your child is learning to walk and becoming more mobile. Safety in the Kitchen and Living room: Scalding: Be careful with hot drinks – a cup of […]

10 Sep, 2019

Fifty Key Messages: Child safety – picking the right car seat for your child

Types of child car seats (Taken from the RSA website https://www.rsa.ie/en/RSA/Road-Safety/Child-Safety-in-Cars/Types-of-child-car-seats/ A properly fitted child restraint system keeps the child in their seat, preventing them from being thrown about inside or being thrown from the vehicle. It also absorbs some of the impact force. This means that your child is much less likely to be killed […]