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20 Aug, 2020

How anger affects your brain and body

We all feel anger sometimes but what is actually going on in our brain and body? Here are some great infographics from the National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine which explain what is happening. How anger affects your brain and body Anger can be a challenging emotion to work through. Sometimes our […]

11 Aug, 2020

5 main reasons that toddlers cry (that actually make sense)

Here is another good piece from the Playgroup NSW website. This time they are looking at why children cry. Ever feel like your child just. Won’t. Stop. CRYING? You’re far from alone – but getting to understand the science behind the tears can help you both get through the wailing unscathed.  (This content was provided […]

9 Jun, 2020

Dealing with anger, building harmony – the challenges of family life

Even though the country is gradually opening up again we are still living lives which feel different and strange. With school work to do for primary school kids, the challenge of working from home and trying to keep children and young people occupied while still maintaining social distancing and keeping contact to small groups life […]