How are we going to tell the kids?

When a couple have decided that their relationship cannot continue and they are going to separate one of the biggest questions they often face is “How are we going to tell the kids?”

Here are some tips taken from the Parents Plus Parenting When Separated course

If you are separating or thinking of separating and worrying about how that will impact on your children why not have a chat with one of the Family Support Workers who has helped families with the Parenting When Separated course? You can contact the Donegal Parent Support line on 1800 112277 or you can PM the Parent Hub Donegal Facebook page giving your name, number and a brief description of the issue you would like support with. One of the trained and experienced Family Support Workers will be able to call you back to offer you a listening ear, guidance and a chance to explore how best you can move forward.



I want to avoid conflict at Christmas

It can be wonderful to have time with family over Christmas but sometimes the intensity of it creates some tensions that can be hard to deal with. If there are already other challenges within the family then the situation can be even more difficult. Here are some words of wisdom from John Sharry:-