A handy craft activity to build positive thinking

Sometimes when we face a challenge we just need to think about it in a different way. Mindset Finders are a fun way to help you change your perspective on challenges that we all face.

How to use your Mindset Finder

1.Either by yourself or with a friend, choose a Mindset Finder from the patterns below, that best describes the challenge you’re facing, or your goal. Follow the directions on how to fold the Mindset Finder. (Click on each picture below to see it more clearly)
2.With your thumbs and index fingers in the pockets, pick a
word from the outside of the Finder and pinch and pull for
each letter while you spell out the challenge. For example,
if your difficulty is that you got something “WRONG,” you’d
pinch and pull 5 times while you spelled out W-R-O-N-G.
3. Next, choose one of the 4 visible numbers, and pinch and
pull that number of times.
4. Finally, choose one last number and lift up the flap to reveal
a new Mindset to help you with your challenge.

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