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28 Apr, 2020

Tips for dealing with anger

The Cycle of Anger One of the more surprising things about being a parent is the intensity of frustration and anger that parents sometimes feel toward their children. For most, these strong emotions do not match the image they had formed prior to becoming parents. In addition, when children are frustrated and irritated, their parents […]

14 Jan, 2019

Do you need to talk to your children about relationships and sexual health?

HSE Health Promotion has launched resources for Parents that support communication around relationships and sexual health. A recently published resource ‘Talking to your child about relationships, sexuality and growing up’ is available in both English and Irish, for order or download from http://www.healthpromotion.ie The research report, ‘Supporting Parents Communication with Children Aged 4-9 Years about Relationships, Sexuality and Growing […]

17 Oct, 2017

Supporting our teenagers to build healthy relationships

Healthy Relationships:- Supporting your young person through Adolescence Having healthy relationships is a key factor in our overall health and well-being.  Adolescence can be a very exciting time but for many it can also be a time of turmoil particularly when it comes to relationships.  Keeping the channels of communication open is very important for […]