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19 Aug, 2020

How to boost your kids’ immune system

Here is an interesting piece from the Independent on boosting our children’s immune systems before they go back to school. It is written by Brian Higgins who is a GP at Galway Primary Care. The original article can be downloaded here https://www.independent.ie/life/family/parenting/how-to-boost-your-kids-immune-system-39432060.html How to boost your kids’ immune system   Picture posed Dr Brian Higgins August […]

17 Jun, 2020

Baby’s sleep needs 0 – 3 months

The website MyChild.ie is a great source of information about all aspects of your child’s well being and development. Here is what they say about sleep in those early months. Newborn baby’s sleep needs at 0 to 3 months Newborn babies spend most of their time asleep. They haven’t yet developed a set sleep pattern. […]

20 Mar, 2018

Sleep in children – what to expect

Newborns sleep between 9-18 hours per day with an average of 14.5 hours sleep. Infants (2-12 months) sleep 12-13 hours including about 3 hours of naps during the day. Toddlers (1-3 years) sleep 11-13 hours per day including naps but by 18 months most toddlers have one nap of 1-3 hours per day. Pre-school children […]