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4 Dec, 2019

Managing Anxiety in Children

Dr. Elizabeth McQuaid, Senior Clinical Psychologist, Donegal Psychology Department Anxiety is a normal part of being human and can occur in adults and children. Some level of anxiety is perfectly normal and can actually help us to try new things or to perform better at activities. Anxiety is considered to be a problem when the […]

9 Oct, 2019

Fifty Key Messages – Three tips to help your child in times of stress

Things you can do to promote your child’s wellbeing in times of stress: 1. Your own emotions: Be aware of your own emotional state and share your feelings with your child where appropriate: “I am feeling sad now because it’s raining and we can’t go for a walk”. How we cope with stress as parents […]

24 Sep, 2019

Fifty Key Messages – Fun recipes to make together

(From Tusla’s Parenting24Seven website) Check out some easy snacks to make with your child, Brown bread ice cream, sweet potato crisps and chunky oatmeal drops. Remember these are treats so a little every now and then! Brown bread ice cream (Suitable for vegetarians)  This ice-cream is a novel way of including wholegrain into your kid’s […]

23 Sep, 2019

Fifty Key Messages – Tips for a healthy diet for you and your child

(From Tusla’ s parenting24seven website) Children form their eating habits from a young age, therefore, it is important to guide them in the right direction and give them an understanding of a balanced nutritional diet mixed with an active lifestyle. There are many different websites and publications that can help you choose the best types […]

16 Sep, 2019

Fifty Key Messages – build your social network

Starting a Parent, Baby and Toddler group 1 Decide on how the group is to be organised This can be as simple as deciding whether one person or a committee takes on the task of organising the group. The major advantage of a committee is that by sharing the work no one person is left to do it all […]

22 Jul, 2019

Increase your self-confidence as a parent

Being a parent is a tremendous responsibility. Parents are expected to feed and clothe tiny, helpless human beings, to teach them to get along in the world, and to encourage them to like themselves and others. These and many other responsibilities often lead parents to question themselves and their abilities. Many times, parents feel they […]

8 May, 2019

Encouraging books before screens for our babies and children

Our thanks to Donegal County Childcare Committee who were involved in the development of this leaflet along with CYPSC, Tusla and the Department of Children and Youth Affairs. To get a pdf version of the leaflet just click on the link:-  Books not screens