What you can do to keep your brain healthy

Do you want to have a healthy brain? Have you older relatives in the family who worry about declining brain power as they age? Well this website hellobrain.eu has great tips to help you boost and maintain your brain well being. Check out the link below. Here is what hellobrain.eu has to say,

We want you to have a healthy brain

Research is showing that ‘modifiable’ lifestyle factors can help to protect brain health and function, and we want you to benefit.

Your brain is one of the most complex systems we know of in the Universe, and as with all living things the environment affects how it works.

For your brain, that environment is how you live, how physically active you are, how much you engage with other people, how you sleep and eat and whether you occupy your brain with tasks that can strengthen it.

Here’s how you can learn more

On this site you will learn more about the cells and structures that allow you to think, feel, learn and communicate.

You will learn about how the brain changes with age, and that decline is not an inevitable part of ageing.

You will also learn tips and tasks you can do now to help you enjoy good brain health as you get older.

Welcome to your brain.   http://www.hellobrain.eu/en/



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