When the going gets tough – hang on!

Hang on!

Most parents know what it is to worry about how well their children are doing. Most parents also know how good it is to enjoy and savour their children’s growing up experiences. In every child’s growing up, there are ups and downs. One day you think she’ll surely be President. The next day you think you’ll be lucky if she manages to stay out of jail! These swings between good and
bad feelings about your child are all part of the business of being a parent. Being a parent is a truly great experience, but at times, it can cause you exasperation!

Be assured that such wild swings in feelings are perfectly normal. Like most other parents, you probably also wonder sometimes if you’re doing the right thing. In fact, it may encourage you to know that:
1. Almost every parent has felt what you are feeling now;
2. There are so many good things about your child’s growth and development which can give you pleasure;
3. One or two problems now won’t affect your child forever.

You can get from this stage in your lives to the next stage by:

1. Living with your child’s developmental problems from day-to-day;
2. Enjoying her, laughing with her, holding her close when the dark moments close in upon both of you, and
3. Simply getting through the ordinary routines of each day.
If you ever feel being a parent is getting too difficult for you, talk to a close friend or relative or other parents who can share their experiences. Whatever you do, don’t mentally bite your fingernails or waste your emotional energy in wondering if you are a “perfect parent”, whatever that may mean.
Don’t hover over your child. Don’t constantly ask yourself, “Is she doing all right?”
Don’t pressure your child into performing at ever-higher levels.
Don’t make her feel that you love her only if she performs well. She should
know that you love her because she is your child. Above all, let your child know in a hundred different ways that you love her. The knowledge that she matters, that she is loved for herself
alone, is the greatest gift you can give your child.

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