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Budgeting is the most effective tool for managing your money within the home.

Family Budgeting

Budgeting is the most effective tool for managing your money within the home.

What budgeting actually does is clearly show you how you allocate your money and gives you choices on what you and your family want to enjoy based on what you can afford.

It can save you and your family the stress of overspending and being too getting into debt.

Budgeting does not stop you from enjoying family life, it ensures that you enjoy stuff when you want it.

The money, advice and budgeting service have developed a very comprehensive and easy to understand tool to developing a family budget, this can be found at:

Early Years and School Life in Donegal.

Early Years
A good quality childcare setting will provide the perfect stepping stone for their Physical, Social, Emotional and Intellectual development. It is vital that parents. The Donegal County Childcare Committee have compiled a list of all Childcare Services currently available in County Donegal. They also offer advice around the questions to ask when seeking out a service appropriate for your child’s needs. This is available at: [/panel] Starting school for the first time is certainly a big event in the life of a young child but it can be an even bigger event for parents. Your child starting school is a big change for any parent. It is normal to have a range of feelings such as enthusiasm that your child is making a big step towards growing up as well as a sense of anxiety that they are growing up. As a parent, you want to make it as easy as possible for your child when starting school for the first time. There are many ways to prepare for this like:

Talking to your child about it as early as you can

Introducing books from an early age

Showing them from an early age where they will be attending school

Ensuring that there is a good bedtime routine in place before starting school

Let your child be central to choosing all the accessories they need to start school i.e. School bag, stationery lunch box etc

A list of primary schools in Donegal is available at:

Secondary School
Your child starting secondary school is as important a day to parents as their first day in primary school. The following are a few key pointers on making that transition a little easier for both your child and you:

Encourage discussion around it and look forward to it

Allow them time to settle in

Listen and talk to them and enjoy hearing about their daily experiences

Be alert to any problems or sudden changes in their behaviour

Ensure there is a good routine at home which allows a healthy balance of both study and free time

Control the amount of time spent on social media and computer games

Encourage healthy eating patterns

Most importantly keep in touch with what’s going on in your child/teenagers life

A list of secondary schools in Donegal can be found at:

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