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27 Sep, 2016

Parents Plus Children’s Programme

Parents Plus Children’s Programme coming to Letterkenny, commencing Thursday 6th Oct. 2016, 10am-12.15pm. The Parents Plus Children’s Programme is a practical and positive course for parents of children aged 6-11 years who want to • Help their children learn and reach their full potential • Develop a close and warm relationship with your children and to enjoy […]

27 Sep, 2016

Parent Plus Time Table

Parents Plus Early Years Programme 1 – 5 10th October 2016 Pastoral Centre,  Letterkenny Catherine at 074 9121596 or Donna at 086 7251779 Parents Plus Children’s Programme 6 – 11 6th October 2016 Letterkenny Venue TBC Garry 0861237917 Ciara 0864102725 Parents Plus Early Years Programme 1 – 5 3rd October 10:30-12:30 The Forge, Pettigo Pettigo […]

27 Sep, 2016


Parentstop Ltd in collaboration with the Parent Hub Donegal and with funding from IPB is offering the Parents Plus programme entitled:
Parenting When Separated

Course commencing

Tuesday October 4 

ParentStop Premises 

7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Contact: 086 886 3674

14 Apr, 2016

A Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy

Looking after yourself during pregnancy will not only be good for you, it will help to give your baby a healthy start Stay physically active Eat a healthy diet Gain weight wisely Avoid risky substances Prepare for the future/ combat challenges Eating Well A balanced healthy diet before and during pregnancy is vital. The growing […]

21 Mar, 2016

Simplifying Childhood May Protect Against Mental Health Issues

Tracy Gillett Passionate writer, mother and founder of the natural parenting blog Raised Good, a heart-driven platform providing knowledge, power and courage When my dad was growing up he had one sweater each winter. One. Total. He remembers how vigilantly he cared for his sweater. If the elbows got holes in them my grandma patched […]